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Descargar Rossy War Discografia Zip



Descargar Rossy War Discografia Zip

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Razzi charts the band’s evolution – from its early trio recordings of the late 1980s, to its 2013 album, Solo, recorded with just saxophonist Lebovich, vibes player Locke and. composition by Rossy – typical of his work on that album – the tune ‘Shawarma’ is a hip-shaking contemporary funk / jazz fusion workout. This cover as a little bit unexpected and even a little bit hip. A sense of humor is present throughout, often on a wry or ironic note. The title track, ‘A Little Bit Happy’, is a tribute to the bassist. I was a friend,” Rossy recalls. “He’s playing in The Rossy War Orchestra, and he’s a great musician. We’ve all played with him.” These days the group is more or less a regular part of the Los Angeles music scene. By 2010, the group had released a self-titled album on the label Su-Pulse, produced by Eumir Deodato.
Another album by a start-up USA sax giant that I have been listening to has to be this one by the playing legend and his posse of West Coast guitarists including mandolin man George Benson plus saxman Rick Margitza and bandleader Rossy, drummer Robert Musso, bassist Matt Mitchell and vibist Chilly Gonzales.
The honky tonk saxophone heavies – an album called I CANT WAIT FOR THE SUN TIDE by ARTURO CANTOR and his featured saxophonist and long-time bandmate CARLOS ROSSY is one that jumps out at me from the year of 2016. Recordings are no longer available on the disk and Amazon has no clue what this CD is from, and no mention of it on other internet listings.