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Published: 23 Noviembre, 2022 (1 semana ago)

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This game is a fighting game: Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3 has much more than that. Utilizing the advanced weapon-system, you can throw an extensive collection of 15 kinds of weapons at your opponents which can be swapped with buttons. Then there are the special moves that you can use which change in attack style depending on the monsters you’re going up against. And thats just on your Ultraman side! The characters are super diverse, so you can use any and every character for your ultimate fighting strategy.

This game was reviewed by , who also have a whole album of Ultra Fighting Evolution 3 reviews on their site . You can also read our first review of Ultra Fighting Evolution 3: Rise of the Red Squadron.

Now this I like. Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth has improved on the things the developers loved from the previous game. Most of all, I liked this version more than the last one, which was more of a free-roam title which was amazing and really fun to play. Now we are back to an area we play in. We have blocks which come to life when things happen in them, and these are some of the coolest things I have seen in a fighting game. By letting you pick different versions of a block when you fight and they come out to help. This is amazing and the more I play, the more I really like it. Once again, these are some of the coolest features I have ever seen in a fighter, which is a funny thing to say as so many fighters have had awesome features in the past.

Its quite hard to make a good street fighter when you add in ps2 gameplay, but apparently the good people over at Capcom have managed. Unlike the last game, Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3 also has online multiplayer, which is one of the best elements of this title. Once again, its a full day of fighting, which is just a great concept and is awesome to see.

The Ultra Series is one of Japan’s pride and joy, created by Tsubayara productions, the legendary Ultraman has been around since 1966. In America, superheroes are some of the most popular stuff, but in Japan, the Super Sentai is kinda like the equivalent. Believe it or not, these super sentai are popular even in America, but we got them as Power Rangers actually. Anyway, here we will talk about Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth. For many people, the name Ultraman maybe doesn’t ring a bell, but we are actually talking about one of the most popular heroes of Japan. So when you make a game about such a popular character, you have to make sure you’re doing it right. Let’s see if they made things right here!
Team mode is a nice little addition, allowing you and a friend to fight as 2 Ultramen against monsters. It does screw up the camera angle up a bit, and its somewhat hard to remain on screen sometimes. Battle mode is simply you versus 5 monsters, one at a time.It’s no secret around Game FAQs that I am a big Ultraman geek. From my early reviews as BubbleDude to my future ones to come, you can expect me to review Ultraman games like you can expect to see sand on the beach, so what makes UFE 3 so special, read on and find out.Buy or Rent: Hands down no question, fan of Ultraman, giant monsters, or fighting games in general, you will want to buy this one.
The gameplay that is on offer in Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth is that of a one of one fighter. The game mostly plays like a 2D fighter, but you can sidestep a bit. There are some great combos that you can dish out and the game has this system where if you perform what is called a Nebula Combo you are rewarded with an attack and defense boost for a short while.